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High Performance Sugical C-Arm System

KMC 950

KMC 950

High-Frequency Generator and Rotating  Anode X-ray Tube With Digital Workstation

  • Digital Image systemsHigh-Frequency Generator

    • 125 kV/ 100mA for Rad.

    • 125 kV/ 20 Ma for Boost FL.

  • Microprocessor Control & APR Panel

  • LCD Touch Control Screen & Window

  • High Power Inverter: 12.5 kW

  • High-Resolution II Tube: 9: II [triple mode]

  • X-Ray Tube: Rotating Anode Tube

  • Focal Size: 0.3-0.6 mm Micro Filament

  • High-Resolution & Contrast in Image Quality

  • Pulsed Fluoro for Dose Reduction

  • Boost Fluoro 20 mA for High Contrast Image

  • Auto Brightness Control for Fluoro Image

  • Motorized & Rotating Collimator

  • CCD Camera with 16 Frames Memory

  • 19" LCD, LIH and Noise reduction

  • Digital Image system

  • DICOM Send

  • Power Requirement: 110/220 VCA 50/60 Hz

The KMC-950 C-arm mobile system is intended with triple-field 9" image intensifier tube, CCD digital camera and rotating anode X-ray tube for R/F application.  The C-arm x-ray generator is designed with state of the art microprocessor control and touch-sensitive screen control panel, which makes it easy for operation and visualization on the large LCD window. 


The compact size, correct distribution of lightweight and the large diameter of the wheels and steering handle allows for easy maneuverability, quick positioning and the necessary flexibility to perform a wide range of procedures meeting the needs of all medical heathcare facilities.  The KMC-950 C-arm has utilized in-patient or outpatient care clinics and hospitals for surgical, orthopedic, urology, angiography, trauma, and pain management procedures. 


Producing 125 kVp at 20 mA in hi-fluoro mode and HF constant x-ray energy, the HF generator provides improved image quality and reduces patient and operator radiation dosage.  Further reduction in radiation dosage is realized with digital imaging acquisition and pulsed fluoroscopic mode of operation.  The boost fluoro mode allows for rapid, high contrast image acquisition for an oversized patient during all fluoroscopic procedures.


CX View software is designed for digital fluoro image acquisition and patient file management which is interfaced with C-arm mobile systems through RS-232 connection between the HF generator controller and image workstation. . 

Digital Imaging System (DIS)

DIS is an advanced image management system which is designed to meet the demands of today's complex and diverified medical imageing acquisition and procedures for C-arm mobile application.
The 'Search & View' functions make it possible to quickly study through all the patient's image database thousands of images are able to transfer to the remote location through ant PACS system.
KMC 950

LCD Touch Panel Screen Window

  • PC System

    • I5 Win 7 or XP

    • Gigabyte Video Card with 1Gb Video Ram 

    • 2Gb RAM

    • Matrox Capture Card

    • CX View Software for DIS

    • Desktop case, keyboard and mouse

    • LCD monitor B/W or Color Digital 

KMC 950

  • Database Management

    • Very convenient for the image storage and search

    • Easy management of patient database

    • Compare a live image and image on database side by side during a patient examination

  • Image Storage & Memory

    • Hard drive Capacity: 500gb 

    • Store more than 250,000 images(resolution @1gb per image)

  • Variety of Diagnostic Image Control Tools

    • Zoom, Contrast, Reverse, Rotation

    • Noise filtering, Edge enhancement

    • Image Processing-Real-time & Post-processing

  • PACS Connectivity with DICOM

  • Image Processing

    • Window Level (contrast adjustment)

    • Real-Time & post-processing

    • Pan & zoom control

    • Image flip (Horizontal/Vertical)

    • Image Rotation  (360°)

    • Noise reduction & recursive filter

    • Edge Enhancement (sharpness)

  • Image Management

    • Create a patient file & database

    • DICOM 3 interface

    • Networking to PACS (DICOM send)

    • Local Printer Connection 

  • Overlay Image Date & Display

    • Patient study & image information

    • Annotation, text, and measurement

    • symbol annotation: (circle, square, etc)

    • Multiple display (up to 5x5 matrix format)




KMC 950

Compact Size, Lighter Weight, & Easy Maneuverability

KMC 950
Mechanical Specification


weight= 270 KG (600 lbs)

C-arm Movement & Dimension
  • Free space in arc

  • Depth of arc

  • Orbital rotation

  • Horizontal travel

  • Vertical travel

  • Panning motion

  • Pivot motion

  • Motion lock

  • Steering handle

  • Brake

29: (740mm)

22.6" (575mm)


7.9" (200mm)

17.7 (450mm)

± 12.5°

± 180°

Friction locks for all motion

Two front wheels

Dual foot brake on side

Full CDHR Compliance

KMC-950 C-arm mobile system conforms to all applicable requirements of the Center for Devices and Radiological Health Department and Human services, 21 CFR, Chapter 1, subchapter, at the time of manufacture. 

Power Requirment

Max Power:   33 KVA @ 110 VAC (limited output)

                        12.0 KVA @ 220 VAC (full power out)

Line Voltage: 110/220 VAC, 50/60 Hz

Line Current: 25-20 amp @110 VAC

                        62 amp @ 220 VAC (full power out)

System Specifications
X-Ray Generator
X-Ray Tube
Op Console
Display Panel
Power rating

Rad. mA range
rad. mAs range
Fluoro mA
Exp. Timer
Auto KV
High-Frequency inverter
Microprocessor & PROM
LCD Touch Panel Screen and Membrane Switch
Radiographic mode (RAD)
LCD Window & Screen
12.5 kW Inverter

40-125 kVp, 1.0 kV increment

20-100 mA (prog)
0.2-500 mAs
Normal FL: 0.3-5.0 mA
Multi-pulse: 0.3-5.0 mA
Snap FL: 8.0 mA(8 FPS)
BoostFL: 8-20 mA (Selectable)

Rad mode: 3.0 ms -8.0 sec. 
Fl Mode 0-5.0 Minutes
Automatic Brightness Control on Fluoro, mode of operation
Focal Size
Anode target
Heat capacity
KV Capacity
Rotating Anode (rad-99, varian)
0.3mm - 0.6mm /micro focal
10° Target angle /TM
300,000 HU
125 kVp
0.5mm AI. @ 100 kV
Motorized Collimator
Remote motor driven control Rotating 360°
Two pair lead blades
Two sets of circular aperture
2.5mm AL. @kVp
Cassette Holder
CCD Digital Camera
CCD Size
No. of Pixels
Video Signal
Aspect Ratio
Signal Output
Memory Capacity
Noise reduction
Image Rotation
1/2 x 1/2 inch
768(H) x 494(V)
Scan: 2:1 interlaced
4:3 (H:V) ratio
1.0 Vp-p /75 Ohm
16 frame image memory(basic)
64 frame image memory(option)
Up to 8 level selections
Last image hold function

360° continuously 
Mounting bracket on II Tube
24cm x 24cm  or 24cm x 30cm
80 lines, 8:1 ratio, 28"-32" focus
Super VGA
Sync Master
Dot Pitch
Matrix Size
Color Control
19" LCD flat panel
727 MB
0.20 mm (H)
1600 x 1200 @76Hz, flicker free
500 CC /Meter
Auto, natural color
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